The last warrior

The last warrior – Astrid V.J.
New wings press
Genre: fantasy

Another typical Astrid V.J. novel, as always, a heartfelt and inspiring story with great characters and their trials and tribulation.

The last warrior is one a standalone in series The Wordmage’s tales. Those are linked to the wishmaster series about great storytellers traveling the Haldrian Empire. We can read their stories in The Wordmage’s tales, which can easily be read as standalones.

Jo is at his usual spot and introduces his tale, all the kids are excited and so his story begins. He tells us an historical tale, that is recorded in historical records a little differently.

Princess Cynthia and queen Sylvia are cousins, both from Oruna. Since Silvia is reaching majority, they are accustomed to tour through different nations. On their travels Cynthia encounters someone she cannot set out of her mind. It is wrong and she needs to help. She is her country’s best healer and feels she should help and that something is unnatural here.

Here the story begins to unfold. Mistakes of the past, combined with childhood trauma seem to follow everywhere and Cynthia and Sylvia need to be strong and smart. Self-doubt and feelings of unworthiness will have to be overcome.

This novel is inspiring and truly heartwarming. Through the story it’s easy to really connect with the characters partly due to learning so much about their hardships. There were some tense moments that keep you clinging to the story. I really enjoyed this novella and would definitely recommend it if you like fantasy/ historical fantasy/ sci-fi.

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