The game of satori: the awakening

The game of satori: the awakening – Amy Jacquemard

Deze recensie is in het Engels, het boek is momenteel ook enkel engels verkrijgbaar.

‘The new era version of hunger games’
The game of Satori is about a virtual reality escape room tv show, using VR that hacks your mind and feels like being in another world.

‘Cowards never start, the weak never finish and winners never quit’

Can you image this being a new tv show, you apply yourself to the show and get picked. Some random day you get kidnapped, apparently you got picked.
We follow the life of Ellie, who experiences this. She was in a load of trouble and the price money form the show could really help her.

Getting to the show starts of really weird and I already have a lot of questions about this. All contestants are divided into three teams. Satori means sudden enlightenment or illumination. This is not like a regular escape room, each room will take multiple days, feels like being in another world or even plain of existence, and is not just about being smart or good at puzzles. We closely follow Ellie and her teammates through hardship, fear, psychological and spiritual battles. It is intense and the stakes are high. Tension is high and always ticking clocks only add to this.
Is it really just a game?

Ellie and her team grow a lot throughout this time through the self-reflecting journey of Satori and a special bond arises. This book is amazingly written, I truly hope a lot more will follow. It is unique and is ahead of its time. We follow the puzzles, games and teaching points of the game closely. The story ending was fulfilling but I am still curious as to what the future will hold for this interesting group of people.

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