Dragons’ daughter

Dragons’ daughter – Astrid V.J.
Published by New Wings press

De boeken van Astrid V.J. zijn momenteel niet vertaald, hoewel ik dit graag wel zou zien. Deze zijn momenteel dus enkel in het engels te lezen.

As most of you know I love Astrid’s work. Here’s another tale full of life lessons, character development and magical atmosphere. Dragons’ daughter is one of the novellas of the wordmage’s tales. These accompany the Wishmaster series. They can be read as standalone tales; however, they will make more of a lasting impression when read next to the Wishmaster series.

‘Those who are unprepared are blind and deaf to all that lies beyond their belief.’
This tale tells a story of sanctuary, hardships and opening yourself up. Fernanda is an orphaned half-elf and has been treated poorly to say the least. A young boy saved her and they always had a special kinship, unfortunately their paths go different ways. I never could’ve guessed Fernanda’s story.

There is so much growth and emotion in this story. Some parts I would even call poetic. Themes of hope, redemption and opening up pass by. There were some parts where I really had to focus to stay with the story. The atmosphere at these parts was amazingly written, I somehow just had trouble being there. All in all, great read! Love Astrid’s writing style and the parts around this story where Jo starts to perform or talks with Viola.

‘love is the ultimate gift, and to dare to love, a profound blessing.’

‘Continue on this path and have faith that all will unfold within the harmonious dance of perfection. Your transcendence will be spectacular.’

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